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Implementing sustainable meeting standards fosters an environment that cultivates a culture of health by providing opportunities for our delegates to savour healthy food, protect the environment and stay active whilst doing it. Adopting sustainable meeting standards sends the message that InterContinental Hotels at Dubai Festival City are ready to curtail environmental and wellbeing challenges of the future.



  • Pitchers with filtered water as the featured beverage with added strawberries, lemon, cucumber, or other fruits, we avoid bottled water when possible

  • Unsweetened or non-caloric beverages, such as diet beverages, tea, and/or coffee always available

  • Pitchers with reusable or recyclable cups are consumed, cans and bottles avoided

  • Low-fat and non-fat milk with coffee and tea service


  •  Plant-based proteins included in menus

  • Poultry or sustainable labelled fish/shellfish on offer

  • Vegan or vegetarian option, Fruits and/or vegetables available at all times

  • Whole grains /refined grains and healthy condiments (mustard, extra virgin olive oil, and balsamic vinegar) used at all times

  • Protein grilled, baked, poached, roasted, braised or broiled.  Rich in polyunsaturated fats, such as canola or vegetable oil used in food confection.


  • Fresh sliced fruit, or a combination of the “three pleasures” fruit, nuts (labelled), and dark chocolate

  • Should cake, cookies, and brownies are requested, they will be available in small, bite-sized portions

  • Assorted candies will not be available in the meeting space.


  • Coffee, tea, water, or other unsweetened beverages available

  • An assortement of fresh fruit, vegetables will be available

  • Reusable plates and/or bowls to minimize food waste

Recycling Bottles


  • Reusable, compostable, or recyclable serving items available

  • Reusable plates, glasses, linens in place of disposable options.

  • BPI-certified compotable items that contain no fluroinated chemicals

  • Water in pitchers with reusable cups or glasses, instead of single-use water bottles or plastic cups

  • Reduced food packaging and utensils

  • Drinks and condiments (ketchup, mustard, salad dressings, etc.) in bulk instead of individual packages and servings

  • High preference of foods that do no utensils (e.g. sandwiches or wraps, veggies and dips, etc.) in particular coffee breaks

  • Contain "waste station" with clearly-marked recycling, compost and trash bins available


  • For conferences or all-day meetings, we will support physical activity before, during, and after the work of the day.

  • During coffee breaks, activities to be included (if agreed by organiser) which can be performed from either a sitting or standing level depending upon the comfort level of the participant

  • Fitness facilities will be available at no cost to attendees

Office Team
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